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Sports Massage for Recovery

Therapeutic Massage:
Includes Combined Modalities:
Circulatory Massage
Passive Joint Movement

Deep Tissue Sculpting
Myofascial Release 
Asian Healing Arts
Gua Sha
Partner Yoga
Seated Massage (when table massage is contraindicated)
Hydrotherapy & Spa Therapies
NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)
Pregnancy Massage
Tui Na
Herbal Tinctures

Med Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents
We specialize in treating patients with Med Pay auto insurance coverage who are suffering an injury from an auto accident. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with our medical massage therapist to immediately get you started on a treatment plan for your injuries. We work closely with your doctor and attorney's office to make sure your insurance or the third party pays for your medical massage therapy. Call us today - we will send the forms directly to your doctor's office.
Start feeling better today!!
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