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Natasha Castillo-Lopez, LMT

– State Licensed Massage Practitioner, CAMTC

– Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, ISSA


Personal Background

Natasha specializes in Medical Massage Therapy and has been practicing since 2000. Natasha also has a background in corporate finance and does all of her own medical billing and documentation for her medical massage clients.


She is certified as a Licensed Massage Therapist through the CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council) and is certified to practice massage therapy throughout the state of California. She is also a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). She has a combined 20 years of fitness training and massage therapy experience. Her specialization is Sports & Medical Massage Therapy and she possesses a Holistic Health Practitioner certificate with a total of over 1000 hours of massage & bodywork therapy education. Natasha was a competitive gymnast up until high school and then began studying modern and jazz dance, nutrition and physical training through college. Gymnastics and dance are both sports that require discipline, physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance and Natasha was very fortunate to have been able to participate in these sports on a regular basis for so many years.


Training Background

She has always led an active and athletic lifestyle, often spending the afternoons and weekends hiking, biking and doing many other outdoor activities with her parents as a child and then with her son as he was growing up. Her son was a wrestler and boxer while in high school and now continues to remain strong and active and even fitness trains his own clients! She has a real love for sports and has participated in gymnastics and cycling events over the years, as well as having a regular exercise routine at the gym. She understands the limitations that come with health restrictions and injuries and specializes in assisting her clients to work at their highest level to reach their best potential while considering any health restrictions or doctor’s orders.


Training Philosophy

Everyone deserves to have a fit body and live a healthy, active lifestyle – at any age. Each one of us has our own level of training and degree of fitness. When combined with personal commitment, specific fitness goals and a professional workout routine with a certified trainer I have found that most people reach, and often exceed their fitness & health related goals. I feel a progressive exercise routine, combined with proper stretching techniques, regular massage therapy and a balanced nutrition plan is essential to staying healthy in your body. By meeting with me and discussing your goals, wants and needs together I can help you work toward achieving these and feeling great and healthy in your body.


Experience with:

Specific Populations

Injured Clients

Improving strength and endurance

Improving cardiac and respiratory health

Increasing flexibility and range of motion in joints

Looking great in that little black dress! (or that sleek new suit – for men!!)

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